About Me

IMG_4823-23.jpgI am a food, lifestyle and travel photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. I have always loved creating healthier versions of my favourite foods, which is where my page began.

My love of food began when I was quite young. I grew up in a very health-conscious household, so I didn’t have a pantry full of sugary treats. Instead, I had to satisfy my sweet tooth by baking cookies and cakes from scratch. Since then, I’ve learned how to modify traditionally unhealthy recipes to be more nutritious, and better for you.

I started photographing my food and sharing it on Instagram as my own visual diary. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to follow me. So when they did, I realised that my journey had the potential to inspire others. I therefore began posting my recipes and attempting to demonstrate how a healthy lifestyle can be achieved without giving up the foods you love. Since then, I have also started sharing snippets of my life through travel and lifestyle photography.

Before starting this page, I felt quite lost. I have always struggled to understand who I am, and where I wanted life to take me. However, since discovering photography and styling, I have become genuinely passionate and excited about something. I really love the creativity that goes into developing a set and then capturing the perfect image.

So thank you for constantly supporting me, and therefore making this journey possible. It honestly means so much to me.


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